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Unified Kung-Fu Association

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The Unified Kung-Fu Association presents the Chi-Kung Homepage.

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    is the Chinese word for the natural energy of the Universe. Chi-Kung is the science and practice of this Energy as it moves in the body. Breathing, movement, and intention are a part of Chi-Kung and helps to improve physical and mental health; Strengthen the immune system; Improve flexibility and self-defense when accompainied with Kung-Fu. Some forms are similar to T'ai Chi and even incorporates some of the movements and principles.

Many of the teachings of Kung Fu come from the Shaolin Temples in China.Here many student, disciples, and masters worked to find the inner peace within themselves. By disciplining the body, they were able to develop the mind and spirit. Balance, form, and inner strength are essential in the martial arts. To learn these, we seek to understand the creatures around us. All of the animals have something they can teach us. From the grace and posture of the white crane, to the power and speed of the tiger, to the fiery wonder that is the dragon. In each of them is a lesson to be learned.There is a separate page for the history of Master Mims and his instructors.

The power that flows through us comes only from one source. It is through discipline and humility that we try to be like Him. Only through our faith in Him are we strong. We thank God for all he has given us.

Master Mims

Senior Sifu Saleem...............Senior Sifu Hill

Senior Sifu Villazon............... Sifu Webb

Sifu Young....................Senior Instructor Cuthbertson

Please note that not all UKFA instructors are listed or shown.
There are many more schools to find. And remember that there is wisdom to be found everywhere. Do not dismiss the chance to learn. Take in life like the waters of the Tao, and the way of life will seem more clear. Please check the links below for other schools. For other information please send E-mail.

To join the UKFA please write or call (919)310-0117. We would like to hear from everyone who stops by this page. If you could email who you are and where you are from, so that we can see where we are reaching. Members who are not recieving the association newsletter should write to us soon. They are many events for next year, so keep up to date on the association calendar.


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