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Master Floyd K. Mims Sr.

Master Floyd K. Mims Sr. startes in Martial Arts in 1971, in the style of Gung-Fu. At the time there were only 2 sashes, red and black. Master Mims recieved both his red and black sash. Under the guidance of God, Master Mims began teaching Chi-Kung in 1974. The style of art that is taught by Master Mims is also a study of the natural things in life. It is the study of breathing, the air around us, vibration, relaxation of the body and mind, pressure points, the range of force, meditation, and so on.

In 1979, Master Mims helped form the Khalifa International Martial Arts Association. He was made secretary of the Association under Master Shaheed A. Sultan (also known as Bobby Scott).

The rank of black sah in the Khalifa Association was in descending order starting at 6th and progressing to 1st. From 1st degree black sash, one was then promoted to master. In 1983, Master Mims joined the World Martial Arts Federation and recieved his 2nd degree from the International Master Instructor Young Yu. In 1993, Master Mims recieved his Black Sash (Master Teacher) from Master Shaheed A. Sultan from the Chinese Open Kung-Fu Association. At that time he also became the president of the Chinese Open Kung-Fu Association.

In 1982, Master Mims recieved a Certificate of Appreciation from the City of Durham for Volunteer Services from the Mayor and the Director of Parks and Recreation. In 1982 he recieved a Certificate of Appreciation as a special volunteer for the State of North Carolina from Governor James B. Hunt Jr.

Today Master Mims is the president of the Unified Kung-Fu Association and its Master Teacher.

Master Floyd Mims
Master James Fernandez
Senior Sifu Saleem
Sifu Webb